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Pool Shock Treatment Pack

Experience Crystal Clear Water with HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced - The Ultimate Solution for Bacteria and Algae Prevention!

- Pack of 6: The HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced comes in a pack of 6, which is a convenient and cost-effective option for pool owners who need to shock their pool regularly. This ensures that you always have enough product on hand to keep your pool clean and clear.
- Easy to use: HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced is easy to use, simply add the required amount of product to your pool water, and let it work its magic. It dissolves quickly and does not leave any residue, making

HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced is a highly effective swimming pool chemical that prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. It comes in a pack of 6, with each pack containing 1 lb of the Cal Hypo formula. This advanced formula is designed to dissolve quickly and evenly, ensuring that your pool is clean and clear in no time. It is easy to use and can be added directly to the pool without any pre-dissolving required. HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced is a must-have for pool owners who want to keep their pool clean and healthy for swimmers. With this product, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable swimming experience all season long.