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Shock Plus Pool and Spa Treatment

Revitalize Your Pool and Spa with Clorox Shock Plus - The Ultimate Solution for Crystal Clear Water!

- Long-lasting: The 12-pound container of Clorox Pool&Spa 32312CLX Shock Plus provides enough product for multiple treatments, making it a cost-effective solution for pool and spa maintenance.
- Versatile: Clorox Pool&Spa 32312CLX Shock Plus is suitable for use in all types of pools and spas, including saltwater pools, making it a versatile solution for all pool and spa owners.

Clorox Pool&Spa 32312CLX Shock Plus is a powerful pool shock treatment that is designed to quickly and effectively eliminate bacteria, algae, and other contaminants from your swimming pool or spa. The 12-pound container is enough to treat up to 48,000 gallons of water, making it an ideal choice for larger pools or spas. The fast-dissolving formula is easy to use and works quickly to restore crystal-clear water that is safe for swimming. This shock treatment is compatible with all pool types and can be used with chlorine, salt water, and mineral systems. With Clorox Pool&Spa 32312CLX Shock Plus, you can enjoy a clean and refreshing swimming experience all season long.