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Chlorine Champion Pool Shock - 12.5% Concentrated Strength (4 Gallon)

Revitalize Your Pool with Champion Pool Shock - The Ultimate Solution for Crystal Clear Water - 12.5% Concentrated Strength in a Convenient 4 Gallon Size!

- Fast Acting: This pool shock works quickly to sanitize your pool, so you can enjoy clean and clear water in no time. It is especially useful for pools that have been neglected or have a high level of contaminants.
- Convenient Size: The 4-gallon size of Champion Pool Shock is perfect for larger pools or for those who want to stock up on a reliable and effective pool shock. This size is also great for commercial pool operators who need to maintain large pools on a regular basis.

Champion Pool Shock is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their pool clean and clear. This ready-to-use liquid chlorine is commercial grade and has a concentrated strength of 12.5%. This means that it is a powerful formula that can effectively eliminate bacteria, algae, and other contaminants in your pool. With its 4-gallon size, it is perfect for larger pools or for those who want to stock up on pool shock. The easy-to-use liquid formula also makes it convenient for pool owners to add the necessary amount of shock to their pool. Overall, Champion Pool Shock is a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining a healthy and sparkling pool.